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About ZOUK

Sister company ZOUK bvba was established in 2010 with two purposes:

  • To produce and sell propagation material from its own budwood orchard.
  • Breeding and introduction of new mutations and varieties.

ZOUK bvba is owned by Johan Nicolaï.

Budwood orchard

ZOUK bvba focuses on controlling and producing breeding material, which should be pure-variety and stable with strong growth. To this end, all pedigrees are checked and evaluated on an annual basis. This enables ZOUK bvba to guarantee reliable and uniform breeding material.

Fruit innovation through breeding

ZOUK bvba develops new varieties by means of traditional fruit breeding and also selects mutations. The aim of this fruit innovation is to find added value for the grower and the consumer alike. As a result, ZOUK bvba is working on a promising future for fruit growing.

All new varieties and mutations that are developed are sold on the open market via selected partners.

Varieties in development